About Us

I’m working hard to become a name in the bait industry. My goal is to one day make baits full time and provide you with best.

I started pouring lures in February of 2023 and got really excited about it. Now I’m excited to share my journey, fishing stories and provide you with the highest quality lures. I’ve personally have caught over a dozen bass on custom lures poured in my garage and can be the first to tell you they really work. It really is all about where you fish, water conditions and picking the right colors. Where I fish here in Wisconsin we have both clear and murky waters. I’ve found that a dirty green works best for me in clear waters and sou apple/pumpkin spice in lower visibility.

Our Company

My goal is to continue ie to learn and grow as a small business. Providing the highest quality lures to each customer and put Bite Masters in local sporting goods stores.
Another goal is to eventually have all custom designs.

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Our Team

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Jessica Gordon


Bryan Joes


Angella Mike


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I pour soft plastic lures and plan on expanding to jig heads, spinner baits and more!